Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do i really have a crush on him?

  1. Take notice of how you and your body react next time you see him. If you feel nervous or feel your heart skip a beat or start to sweat, you probably like him. -YES
  2. Notice what you think about when you think of the guy. If thinking of him makes you nervous, excited or happy, you probably have a crush on him.- IT MAKES ME SAD INSTEAD
  3. Notice whenever you try to go to the same exact place where he is. For example, when you are in school, you pass by his locker, or the places where you know he may be. -YES
  4. Notice whenever you try to make a guy jealous. This may be a sign you like him. -NO
  5. Notice if you talk to your friends about him a lot. -SOMETIMES
  6. Notice whenever you try to get his attention. -YES
  7. Notice if you try to make friends with his friends, or keep finding reasons to get close to him. -YES
  8. Notice whenever you try to get information about him. -YES
  9. Count how many times you think about him a day. If you think about him more than several times, you probably like him. -YES
  10. Notice, how many times you've tried to google his name and how many times you've tried to search his personal page on MYSPACE or other social networking site. -YES..ON FB
  11. Notice if you feel jealous or get mad at him for any little thing he does. -YES
  12. Notice if your friend says you blush whenever he's around or his name is mentioned. -NO, THEY DON'T KNOW BOUT THIS.
  13. Notice if you feel jealous when he's around other girls and/or flirts with them. -YES
  14. Notice if your friends tell you that you were staring at him, and you don't even realize it. -NO, THEY DON'T NOTICE THAT.
  15. If you talk about him in one of your conversations to anybody who will listen, he is stuck in your mind, and you probably like him. -YES
  16. When you're getting dressed in the morning before school you always think "Will _____ like this?" Or something similar. -YES
  17. You look forward to the one class you have with him or, you are so thankful you have more than one class with him. -YES
  18. Notice if you think about him in the most random moments. -YES
  19. If you're shy, notice when you avoid eye contact and blush when you are around him. -YES
  20. If you walk by him and always glance over to see if he noticed you. -YES
  21. You think about him the most and always have a smile on your face if you do. -YES, BUT IT MAKES ME SAD.
  22. You remember incidents or moments you've had with him. -YES
  23. Notice if you always look to see where he is. -YES
  24. You might act differently with him than with other guys. -MAYBE
  25. Notice if your friend says that you were doing something to get his attention, but you didn't even know that you did. -NO, COZ THEY DON'T KNOW
  26. When you go to school you always see if he is there that day or you're always wanting to go just to see him. -YES
  27. Notice if you always think of reasons, especially the small ridiculous reasons, to talk to him or to continue a conversation. -NO, NEVER TALK TO HIM
  28. Notice if you are the first one to text him or to start a conversation with him. -NO, TOO SHY TO DO SO
  29. You can't sleep well. -SOMETIMES
  30. Notice if you get a sudden thrill whenever you hear his name. -YES
  31. Finally, the biggest sign that there is: Were you thinking of him as you read this whole page? Did you search for this article so you could find out if you were crushing on him? If the answer to both of those is "Yes," then you like him a lot! -YES!!!!!!!!!!!



Setiap kali terpandang wajah,
Terpegun aku dan terpesona,
Dengan senyuman dan pandangan mata mu,
Membuatkan hati ini tidak keruan..
Tanpa aku sedari,
Perasaan minat ini bertukar mnjadi cinta.

Mungkinkah dikau,
Putera yang kucari dalam jagaku,
Slalu terbayang dan termimpi-mimpi,
Hingga terbawa di dalam lenaku...
Andainya dirimu sudi memandang dan menerimaku,
Kan kumahkotakanmu jauh di sudut hatiku.
Ku kan menyayangimu dengan setulus hati...

Dan akan ku setia pada yang satu..
Kerana diriku bukanlah,
Seorang yang mudah menyerahkan cinta.
Untuk memilikimu..
Setinggi gunung harapan,
Bukalah pintu hatimu untuk cinta ini,
Hanya ini harapanku,
Semoga impian ini kan menjadi nyata,

Love is...
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