Saturday, April 17, 2010


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Eve. She didn’t have many friends and she only lived in her little own world. Her only close friends were her family and her pets. She enjoyed herself by doing the things she likes such as listening to music, watching movies, and reading love stories. When she was in a high school, she admired someone whose name is Adam. He was in the same class as her. It was a normal thing happened during that age. They never befriends, not even talks. She just liked to watch that boy and couldn’t take her eyes off him every time they were in the class. In the class, Eve always got the highest mark in English. All her classmates knew about that. Apparently, she had a favourite teacher named Mr. Ronald. He used to be her class teacher. He was proud of her because her English was not very bad. It was hard for students at that school to get good result in English. Mr. Ronald made her felt appreciated and he gave her support to improve her English by giving her an English magazine every month. It made her felt happy and proud of herself. During the final year in the high school, a camp for one of the subjects was held in one place for four days. Only students in her class were compulsory to participate. When they reached there, they were given rooms. They could choose their own roommates. Her roommate was Elly, the closest friend in her class. Before they reached to their rooms, some boys offered to give their hands to carry their huge bags. They were Adam and his best friends, Zack and Luke. She and her classmates had some fun there. On their way back from the camp, Eve sat by herself in the bus. Out of the blue, there was someone sat next to her. It was Adam! He just sat there in order to have some chats with his friends who sat behind Eve and on the other side. She thought that he just sat there for a while but throughout the journey, until she reached her home. Right through the journey, she didn’t know exactly what she felt. All she knew was her heart beaten faster than before and she felt uneasy. After a few weeks, Adam asked her the meaning of a word in English. That was the first and the last time they were staring into each other’s eyes. Sadly, she couldn’t answer him because couldn’t find the answer of his question. It was just a simple question but it didn’t cross her mind because her mentality couldn’t think and function as it should be the moment he looked into her eyes.

Time went by swiftly and it was the time for school graduation and farewell. The last day that she saw Adam was when the day for filling the form for furthering studies to tertiary level. She knew that they won’t meet again and she just wished good bye to him in her heart. After finishing the school, she tried to find his phone number. Months later, she managed herself into a well-known university. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up on searching his number. After some time, she got the number from one of her classmates. She started contact him and to her surprise, he gave her a good respond. From that day on, they became good friends. They even shared their ups and downs together. Just through texting, they became close in a year or two but everything was changed when she found out that he was in love with someone. Her heart stopped beating and fell apart the moment he told her and there were tears in her eyes. She didn’t know why she cried and she just couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Eve couldn’t sleep that night just because of the news. Then she realized that she had fallen for him. However, she just kept the feelings inside and nobody knows about that. Though they still friends, there was distance between them. Adam was changed. He hardly ever texting Eve anymore or even replied it. They continued to be like that after some time and then everything was back to normal again when they became close friends just like before. Soon she found out the he broke up with his girlfriend and he had no one to turn to. Maybe that was the reason why he texting her again. Months later, the same story happened again when he disappeared again. He just came and gone just like that. Then again Eve found out that he got someone new. That time she realized that Adam just came to her only when he had no one. Eve was really heartbreaking to be treated like that. He just came to her whenever he needed her and forgot about her whenever he didn’t need her.

Eve was really had a heartbroken and she tried to forget him. She tried to put aside the feelings that she had for him. Yet, the more she tried to forget him, the more her mind thought about him. Although it’s hard, she tried to live like nothing happened and went on with her life. Sooner or later, the feeling was fading away…………….

to be continued...........


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