Tuesday, September 15, 2009

love comes to me like this

Sit down for a minute
I need you to listen
My heart is only tryin' to understand
I already stumbled and fell into your love
Like a castle falling in the sand

You were never there to hold me
When I needed your hands
You were never there to listen
When I needed a friend
Gave me lovin' for a day
And never gave it again
Now I'm standin' outside your door

Knock knock knock
Nobody's there but me
Am I the only one hangin' on
Knock knock knock
Nobody's home but me
I'm the only one hangin' on

One-sided love

Love's so deceivin'
You had me believin'
That you would never let me down
You dangled your candy in front of a baby
And you took your sweets across the town


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